The love for learning has been apparent since his first day as a consultant at Unicus. For the past two years Stefan has been working at Qliro, a journey he shared with his WorkBuddy Niloofar.

Every consultant at Unicus has a WorkBuddy, someone to turn to with daily questions or when in need of clarification. The idea behind the WorkBuddy is to give every consultant the support they need. We talked to Stefan about his experience of having a WorkBuddy during his assignment at Qliro:

– Theoretical knowledge only takes you so far. Niloo was there when I needed to ask something or to give me advice on prioritising tasks. That helped a lot in finding myself early on, Stefan explains. 

In this case the WorkBuddy is Niloofar, who works as a Quality Assurance Engineer at Qliro. She got to introduce Stefan to the company and his assignment, as well as being his contact person on a daily basis.

– I onboarded Stefan with the knowledge he needed to be able to work in the teams he was assigned to, Niloofar explains. After a while, Stefan developed expertise in areas I am not familiar with. As it continued he was independent and very knowledgeable in his area. 

The important introduction period

The WorkBuddy gets an introduction to Unicus, as well as information that might be important to the specific consultant. Before being on-boarded, Niloofar was a bit worried that the communication between her and Stefan would be complicated.

– In contrast, I found communication to be very straightforward and simple, Niloofar says.

During their collaboration, Stefan and Niloofar did not work together at an office. Instead, most of their work took place in Slack, a message application. It enabled Stefan to access a written documentation of his introduction – being able to review previous conversations. He commends Niloofar for her ability to quickly select and share relevant information:

– I quickly realised that sharing relevant information is a skill worth developing in itself. It worked as inspiration to how I collaborate with other teams as well.

From leadership to friendship

They both describe their collaboration as unique. One element that seems important in our conversation is their appreciation for the work culture at Qliro. During their time of working together, the leadership role of being a WorkBuddy turned to a mutual collaboration.

– One of the most important things that I enjoy working with Stefan is his straight-forward and logical view on every problem and situation. Whether he wants to share information or understand something, he is not emotional – he is all logical. And this is one of his most important strengths.

Working with quality assurance, they both merge in and out of multiple teams as needed. Most of the work is solitary, but they quickly found ways to collaborate and improve their results.

– It was invaluable to have Stefan providing me with the needed requirements, Niloofar says. Our collaboration saved me a lot of time!

And perhaps this is the key to a mutual exchange of knowledge between two colleagues: The ability to recognise each others’ strengths, and learn something from it.

– During these two years I learned a lot of what I want from cooperation, and what I value, says Stefan. It was good teamwork. Both in the team, as well as with Niloo. It taught me what I value in the people I work with, and what I want to work towards in future assignments.

Text: Karolina Örsta

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