VISION, MISSION AND VALUES Our Vision is to build a more inclusive world

RObin LIlia konsultchef Unicus


Address the inequalities in employment for neurodivergent adults and showcase the strengths of neurodiversity in society.


Our values pervade our daily operations and our relationships internally and to the outside world. They act as rules of conduct and characterise how we do business.


We are changing the world for and with the neurodivergent, with the spirit ‘nothing about us, without us’. We challenge ourselves to raise the bar on inclusion in everything we do.


We operate with a human focus to create an improved quality of life for our employees. We prize individual differences and put people first.


We strive to be inspiring for our customers, employees, stakeholders and the society in what we do and how we make it happen.


We are flexible and solution-oriented, open to new ideas and never afraid to try them.

Value creating 

We create social and economic value through operating a commercially sustainable business with a strong social mission.

Code of Conduct