Assignments within Software Development / Testing / QA & Data Science Autism as an advantage! We see an opportunity to both do business and help solve a social challenge.

Who is Unicus?

Unicus is a consulting company that offers high quality IT services within software development, testing, quality assurance and data science. All our consultants have Aspergers, which strengthen abilities that make them the perfect match for software development, testing and data science.

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We have consultants out of the ordinary

The main reason why you are going to do business with Unicus is that you are in need of really sharp consultants in the areas of software development, testing, quality assurance and Datascience. Consultants in addition to being able to master the craft are passionate about it. And like it for one and the same customer for a long time. Read about Unicus Customer Cases

Why Aspergers?

Unicus only hires persons who have Aspergers. A good software developer needs to be structured, persistent and stubborn, think logically and analytically and see both the details and causal relationships – these characteristics are commonplace in people with Aspergers. An other positive characteristic is that they are honest. You can rest assured that our consultants will communicate the true image no matter how undesirable it is. Read more about Asperger Syndrome

Our Employees are our most important asset

Employees are Unicus most important asset. The way to a job at Unicus begins in a recruitment process that takes place in several stages. All in order to give both Unicus and the future employee a good decision base. Read more on how we work

Latest news

Gro Rognstad, Senior Vice President IT Banking Services, DNB

”We are really pleased to use Unicus as our supplier”

Gro Rognstad, Senior Vice President IT Banking Services, DNB

”We hire Unicus to work in complex areas. They work fast, and very quickly get an overview and deliver precise and good analyzes. For example, in processing large amounts of data.”


”We are very pleased to work together with dedicated testers who perform the job with passion and precision”

Mikael Faghihi, Team Lead at SEB

”Our Unicus consultants have qualities that make them excellent testers: stubborn, structured and analytical. Therefore, I was not surprised at the high quality of their work and that we went live with unusually few errors.”

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Markus Farewik, Kvadrat

”For me as a test leader, it has been like working with any other good testers, not difficult at all”


”Good knowledge of testing and a strong commitment to the job. This combination results in very high quality work”