Why Autism? Perfect match for software testing

Unicus sees strengths and is good at dealing with challenges

Asperger, or more correctly expressed Asperger syndrome, is one of several diagnoses that fall within the term ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). The common denominator is that they exist and are experienced by those with the diagnosis but not visible to the outside world.

If you want to immerse yourself and read more about Autism and Asperger Syndrome we recommend the page Autismeforeningen.

The qualities that follow from Asperger, which makes our consultants the ultimate testers, are analytical and logical, are good at thinking in different ways, they like structure and order, high focus and concentration, seeing details that others often don’t see,  are often good on repetitive tasks and with great sense of justice and genuine honesty. If we add that people with Asperger often have a narrow interest area, we understand that those who are interested in IT have extra motivation and expertise in themselves.

With Asperger, there may be some challenges. Our consultants are usually not the most comfortable in social situations that do not have clear goals, meaning and purpose. It is usually not so easy for us to talk about wind and weather and to discuss the latest sports updates at the coffee machine. If it’s a coffee break, we’ll pick up our coffee and go back to work.

Another possible challenge may be greater sensitivity to sound, light or touch.

Getting started with some tasks can be a challenge that we often need a little clearer message about than others and if we are well on the way then we may need help to stop. Honesty in combination with limited ability to read social codes and contexts can make us talk too much about things that do not interest others, or that are less wise to say then.

Unicus’ core competence is to be able to work with the employee to identify and find tools for dealing with the challenges. When we do, our customers get a loyal and committed person who doesn’t give up until all errors are found and corrected. Simply The perfect match for software testing.