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Impact Unicus Sweden 2022

Since its start in January 2017, Unicus Sweden has grown to 56 consultants (31/12-2022). During 2022 we also have employed four additional leaders, with the most significant purpose of having close contact with our consultants and giving support and help the best way possible. It also gives us the conditions to continue growing to reach our goal of 100 consultants.

I’m glad that During 2022 Unicus have been recognized in many ways. We have, for example, won different prizes, one of them is S:t Julianpriset (Stockholm Stad) within the category “Employer characteristics”.

Impact results Sweden

This year’s impact result shows that Unicus employees as a collective have a significantly higher quality of life (+25 %) and better mental health (+23 %) compared with before they started to work.

For me, as CEO, this is among the most essential things Unicus can deliver to our employees. If we look at the business aspect, this leads to more hours with the customer and a better appearance, which is part of the explanation for Unicus Sweden’s good financial results in 2022.

Alongside the quality of life and mental health, we have also increased our employees’ assessed employability by 61% and employees’ disposable income by 94%.

Activities with our consultants

Once a month, we arrange dinner with information and social activities with our consultants.

In September, we had a conference whit 40 consultants participating. From a Friday to Saturday, vi visited Vadstena and had many appreciated activities to get to know each other better and define how to evolve Unicus and work smarter.

We know that many of our consultants have lacked a sense of belonging in the past. To meet and connect with other people whit the same experience is something many find very meaningful.

Impact through inspiration and communication

As last year we have a desire to inspire through communication. Our business gives us many experiences and thoughts that we are grateful to share. We produce customer cases and employee stories and are active on LinkedIn.

In addition to driving our business forward, people who live with NPF in different ways appreciate our communication on social media. It is impossible to measure, but we consider this an indirect and essential impact.

In May, Unicus participated in the EU-organized Diversity Month. We contributed to awareness and inspiration through several workshops with different customers where we discussed NPF and what we are doing at Unicus.

New office in Gothenburg

In 2022, we expanded our business to Gothenburg. We look forward to continuing our successful and positive development since the start in Stockholm in 2017 and Malmö 2020.