With Customers This is how we create value with you

Together we find a solution

We at Unicus are good at what we do and work with our customers in a little different way than usual. Actually, there is nothing strange about it. We only look at creating the right conditions for our consultants without having to influence the working practices and practices of you as a customer.

Our model of working is based on transparency, time and clarity. We are already starting a mission to prepare our consultants for what to come. We do this through dialogue with you as a customer. The questions we discuss concern both the skills that will be required in the assignment, the culture at the workplace and the rules that exist.

In order to increase the clarity of our consultants, we want to designate a person who is designated as the person we can turn to in questions – a WorkBuddy. WorkBuddyn has the task of being on hand and correcting how it goes, it’s also the person we can turn to when it comes to prioritization issues.

Together with the current consultant, we discuss the strengths and challenges it may have and pick them up on a reconciliation with designated WorkBuddy before the mission starts. Most often, we are transparent and that the consultant knows that there is awareness about any challenges that may arise. This awareness means that energy does not need to be used to conceal sides of itself, which in turn causes the challenging situations to no longer be experienced as difficult.

We will be happy to provide the team as our consultant will work together with an introduction to what Asperger is and what strengths and challenges may be associated with people who have Asperger.

During an assignment, we have, especially at the beginning, frequent reconciliation to hear how the assignment is going. We would then like to hear about what works well, but the purpose is, above all, to capture signs of whether there are areas where we from Unicus may need to come in and support the consultant. The reconciliation is usually done with the designated WorkBuddyn but also with other people in the work team.

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