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Impact Unicus Group 2021

Unicus have shown very good development during 2021

I am very proud of the hard work we all have made together and the Impact we created during 2021.
We have seen growth in all our markets and an increase in nr of employees. 2021 was a year of many interesting events and challenges that we all together have faced and handled very well.

The Covid pandemic

The Covid pandemic that changed way of working in many ways and that we still are learning to adapt to and to innovate together with.

We see some long term positive outcomes form this that will impact the way society operates and how it have embraced the digital way of working, a way of working that often is match made in heaven for Unicus and our employees. It has reduced some hurdles that many of our employees face, things like:

  • social interaction is become less important
  • work efficiency have increased – less “onsite coffee machine talking”
  • work from familiar environment – stress reducing
  • fewer commutes improves persons energy levels

Expansion to the Netherlands

Unicus has been established as one of the worlds leading companies within IT and Autism, and a milestone during 2021 was when Unicus entered as a shareholder in Dutch sister company Specialisterren. Through this Unicus now reach about 135 consultants on the autism spectrum and are an important employer and inspirator for the autism environment and advocacy for neurodiversity. It is a valuable addition for our customers and employees because the combined customer base and the expansion of the service offering creates even more jobs for people with autism. This will increase impact on several layers and we are looking forward to work close with Specialisterren on creating sustainable impact.

Impact results

2021 Impact shows that we are on the right path and do a lot of good things in Unicus:

We have a positive change in all of our areas of impact measurement and proves Unicus theory of change. We measure the following areas:

We have also identified area “sleeping” as an area that we will put extra focus on during 2022. We believe that this can be an area of improvement that, if we succeed, will have an positive impact on our employees quality of life/mental well being and Unicus overall quality of services.

Impact Strategy

During 2021 Unicus launched an new and updated Impact strategy based on both academic and best practice from our long history of experience in the field of autism and work. You can read more about Unicus Impact strategy and parts of it can be downloaded in the Impact Strategy.

For more detailed information of the 2021 impact survey and the results you will find below and on the Impact front page.

Impact together with our Customers

During 2021 we also reached and all time high in number of Customers that have chosen to work with Unicus and create change and impact by exceptional unique service deliveries from Unicus in the field of Data Science, Software Development, RPA, Testing and other analytics services. We are very proud and humble of the fact that our Customers come from many different sectors are demanding high quality in the services we provide.

Together with them we innovate, find new ways of working and new services that utilizes the autism advantage. We have together created awareness and good experiences for all of us and also educated society in general in our daily interaction true our deliveries, meetings, on stage in seminars and other lectures we have made during 2021. It’s about inspiring and co-create impact.

But in the end its the quality of the services that our employees deliver on a daily basis, that makes sustainable impact going forward as we operate in a highly competitive environment.

And we can reassure you that they definitely deliver above expectations (and they are high)!

Lars Johansson-KjellerødFounder Unicus Lars Johansson-Kjellerød
Founder & CEO Unicus Holding