“Jan Kristian Haugland has something in common with Elon Musk: the Asperger diagnosis. For Haugland, the diagnosis has made it more difficult to get a job. Despite his doctorate in mathematics at the University of Oxford and a master’s degree in computer science at the University of Bergen, Haugland struggled to find work.

I have been myself all my life and my life is normal for me. But I have realized that something is a little different, than with most people, says Haugland.

There are many who are not extroverted and it is not so easy to just decide to be extroverted. Therefore there should be opportunities for those of us who are not, he says.

Working on an challenging Data Science project for Statnett

Jan Kristian works for Statnett, with a challenging data science project, focusing on load balancing of the infrastructure.

“We took in Jan Kristian on a very challenging project. The project analyzes data – historical data, capacity, consumption, weather – huge amounts of data had to be structured and analyzed. The ambition of the project was to create algorithms that can predict imbalances in advance and then ensure correct dimension afterwards. That competence is almost impossible to find. Jan Kristian has been heavily involved in the project, he has worked with the algorithms. They are far ahead of what we thought they would be and will create huge savings. This is not an easy issue. That’s why we’ve hired Unicus”

Olav Resser, Statnett