Unicus expands to Finland and has established Unicus in Helsinki, April 2019. Jukka Mikkonen is recruited as CEO to lead Unicus Finland.

Unicus is a consulting company focused on testing and quality assurance of IT systems, where all consultants have ASD / Asperger’s syndrome. The characteristics that come with the diagnosis have been found to be particularly useful in the area of test, quality assurance and data science.

A lot of people are left outside the job market, even if they have extraordinary skills. Yet, at the same time the Finnish employers have a lack of competent workforce.

Unicus business concept is to offer high-quality IT services in testing and quality assurance and doing this with people who are left outside the labor market.

Combining the market demand and unutilized competence is a unique concept says Jukka Mikkonen, Managing Director Unicus Finland.

Unicus has recruited Jukka Mikkonen to develop the business in Helsinki. Jukka, who has a long history in the IT industry, including Visma, Aditro, Fujitsu & HP.

–  We are very grateful and satisfied with the recruitment of Jukka as the CEO of Unicus Finland, We believe that with his long and relevant experience and together with his passion for running business with a social impact, we will be successful in starting Unicus Finland, says the founder Lars Johansson-Kjellerød. We see that there is a need for a company like Unicus in the Finnish market, so we believe that Unicus proven business model will be positively received in Finland. It will bring high quality IT consultancy services to the Finnish market at the same time that we will create ordinary employment to persons with Asperger Syndrom.

Unicus Finland will have its office in the Helsinki area.

About Unicus

Unicus is one of the biggest companies in the world within its area and have recieved a lot of positive attention around the services and the work that has been done.

Unicus started in 2009 in Oslo by the founder Lars Johansson-Kjellerød. Unicus are growing with offices in Oslo, Stavanger, Stockholm and on the customer list you will find, SEB, H&M, Equinor (former Statoil), Telenor, DNB, Nordea to mention a few.

Now in April, the business is expanding to Helsinki. More to read about Unicus can be found on www.unicus.com.

Unicus is one of the companies in Ferd Social Entrepreneurs’ investment portfolio. Read more about Ferd here: https://ferd.no/en/about_ferd/

For more information, contact:

Unicus founder Lars Johansson-Kjellerød, Lars@unicus.no tel +47 95 77 41 98

MD Unicus Finland Jukka Mikkonen, Jukka@unicus.no tel +358 40 823 76 98