Tine: A diverse team is a strength for us

Unicus consultant Mariell Breivk has worked via ExperisPartner for TINE Distribusjon. Her education is in physics, and in Unicus her main area is data analysis. At TINE, she helps, among other things, a dozen route planners to plan how they can deliver most efficiently to customers all over the country. Over the last years, Unicus have worked on several projects for Tine.

– My tasks can be divided into two areas. One is to maintain the computer systems, read data into the system in the event of route changes, and support users with technical expertise in day-to-day operations. The second is about improvements, analysis and optimization, says Breivik.

The last part has been most interesting, says Breivik. When the route planners create new routes, they have a computer tool that suggests the fastest route automatically. On her own initiative, Breivik has taken this system from a good idea to something that can become a practical tool for the planners.

– The old system is not actively used today, partly because it calculates routes based on air travel. My code reads in and uses the road network to find the distance between customers, thus considering where the car can actually drive.

It is not intended that the planning tool should replace the work of the route planners, who also have a lot of local knowledge that the computer system does not have. But hopefully it can save a lot of time.

Mariell has enjoyed her project at Tine.  

– I have been told in other contexts that I have a strong eye for details and am good at seeing patterns. These abilities are helpful on projects like these. Another relevant ability I have is hyperfocus, i.e. the ability to maintain intense focus over a long period of time, she says.

At TINE, Mariell receives glowing feedback.

– Mariell is resourceful, thorough and very competent in her area. She has great capacity, quickly turns around to help others and meets deadlines. She may not be the loudest talker at lunch, but she is honest and speaks up when necessary. I think a diverse team is a strength for us says department manager Ida Liaaen Hotvedt