“I did not know that there was a workplace like Unicus. Here my strengths emerge, my weaknesses do not stop me, and I get a chance to work with the brain instead of with the body “, says Sara Storm who has been commissioned as Solution Architect at Vattenfall.

Before Sara started at Unicus, she studied software development at Nackademin. Among other things, she learned database technology and development towards SharePoint / Office 365 and further developed her knowledge in C #. The studies went well, but it stopped when they had to apply for an internship. The students themselves would call around to companies and mingle on industry days, something that is not Sara’s strength. At the same time, she heard about Unicus and got a job right away instead.

-During the interview at Unicus, I felt calm and received help to express myself.

Sara started in January 2020 and had time to do her internship in the office before the business was switched to teleworking. But when it was time for an interview with Vattenfall, it was no longer relevant with physical meetings, but they met digitally in a video meeting. The interview went well and Sara got the assignment.

– It was really nervous, and it was very nice to have Sara Sadarangani who is a consulting manager at Unicus as support. She also helped me prepare for the interview and helped me formulate answers to questions.

Documenting Data flows

Today, Sara works with documenting data flows at Vattenfall, both within systems and to external parties. A job that suits Sara well as she is thorough and likes order and structure.

Sara met her supervisor Benny at a walking meeting in connection with the start-up, but otherwise the supervision has taken place entirely at a distance. They have daily team meetings and Benny has shared his screen to show how he works.

– Our team is spread out in different places in the world, so they are already used to working like this as we do now. Benny is nice and good to work with. For me, it’s good that he’s talkative, because then it’s okay that I do not talk so much

Want to work with the brain

Before Sara moved to Stockholm and started studying at Nackademin, she worked as a truck driver for several years. Prior to that, she worked in the engineering industry. The desire to have an office job and use the brain rather than the body has always been there, but she did not think she could do it because you need to be social.

-It has felt difficult to go to an interview without support. So for me, it was absolutely fantastic to find Unicus where everyone is like me, where my strengths come out and I do not have to feel weird.