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Impact Unicus Norway 2022

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Unicus Norway continued the positive financial development from 2021 into 2022, increasing both top line and bottom line significantly. Equally important, we see that we also create important improvements in our employees life. Some key areas where we see we create impact are increased employability after they started working for Unicus, increased quality of life and improved disposable income.To help us understand and manage impact, we perform regular impact surveys with our employees. Below are some of the key results from the 2022 impact survey.


In the 13 years Unicus AS has existed we have taken 49 people with Asperger from unemployment to employment. We aim to increase that number with 12 people in 2023.We also see that a significant percentage of the employees that leave Unicus, manage to find and hold on to other relevant jobs. We also assess that the average employability of our current employees has increased 131 % since they started working for Unicus.
Our employees are very loyal, the average time of employment is 4.08 years and we have a low turn-over.

We have a structured approach to how we attract and hire people with potential, and we continuously evaluate how we can improve the process. We also see that number of applicants continue to be high. In 2022 we also increased the focus on soft skills, taking all interns through a structured program. We have experienced that the area of project work our employees sometimes find challenging is related to some areas of working in a project model; communication, interaction with others etc. The goal of the soft skill training is to minimise these challenges.

Quality of life

Most of our employees rate their current quality of life as relatively high, and it has increased 7 % since they started at Unicus. The quality of life index is based on several factors, and the one where we see the highest scores are having money to meet basic needs, satisfaction with health and generic rating of their quality of life.
All of our employees are unemployed when we hire them. Many have been unemployed for several years and some have also been isolated socially. The wellbeing and quality of life of our employees is a key element in the impact Unicus create and being appreciated and feeling that they master their work is an important element in the quality of life. We also believe that that the social interaction they have to manage in a project situation improve their ability to manage social relationships privately.

To ensure that the project experience is as positive as possible, we follow a structured process for staffing and on-boarding on projects. In addition, we have implemented a structured approach for status update with both clients and our employees, to ensure we can give targeted and actionable feedback as quick as possible to our employees.

Disposable income

Our employees have through working with Unicus increased their disposable income on average with 49 %. This has also increased their ability to finance basc needs – assessed by the employees to have increased by 16% on average.
We will during 2023 implement a new consulting structure with three levels. The ambition is threefold; create a career path for the employees; implement a wider salary range between junior and very experienced consultants and ensure we can get a higher rate for the more experienced consultants.

Communicating to inspire

Through our daily interaction with clients and employees, we frequently experience inspiring achievements and interesting stories related to diversity, people and technology. We want to share those with as many people as possible. Our key channel to publish these kinds of stories is through LinkedIn, where we aim publish weekly stories. In addition, we frequently participate in podcast to discuss these topics in depth. In addition, we also have key note presentations at relevant conferences. One such was Kongsbergs DIB-summit (diversity, inclusion and belonging).
In 2023 we aim to present more customer stories through our relevant channels, where they talk about what we have worked on and how we have created impact.