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Impact Unicus Norway 2021

Unicus AS has had a very positive development financially in 2021, increasing both top line and bottom line significantly. But just as important, we also created a sustainable impact for our consultants. Some key areas we create impact are increased employability after they started working for Unicus, increased quality of life and improved disposable income
To help us manage impact and run our business, we perform regular impact surveys with our employees. Below are some of our key results from the latest impact survey.


We have in the 12 years Unicus AS has existed taken 40 people with Asperger from unemployment to employment. We aim to increase that number with 14 people in 2022.
We also see that a significant percentage of the consultants that leave Unicus, manage to find and hold on to other relevant jobs. We also assess that the average employability of our current employees has increased 225 % since they started working for Unicus.
Our consultants are very loyal, the average time of employment is 5.11 years.
We have a structured approach to how we attract and hire people with potential, and we work hard to improve the process. In 2021 we implemented quick video chats with potential candidates, so we could reach a higher number of candidates and get additional insights compared to just relying on CV and other written material. In addition, we implemented programming test so we could get a better idea of the technical skills of the candidates.

Quality of life

Most of our employees rate their current quality of life as relatively high, and it has increased 7 % since they started at Unicus.
All of our consultants are unemployed when we hire them. Many have been unemployed for several years and some have also been isolated socially. We believe the well-being and quality of life of our employees is a key factor and we believe that gainfully employment is a key factor in increasing quality of life. We also believe that the social relationships they have to navigate in a project situation improve their ability to manage social relationships privately. We also arrange frequently social gatherings like pizza nights and activities like laser tag, bowling, escape room etc.
Since quality of life often is linked with how one masters their work life, we have a structured process for staffing and on-boarding on projects. This is to increase the probability for the individual consultant to succeed on a project for a client.

Disposable income

Our employees have through working with Unicus increased their disposable income on average with 51 %. This has also increased their ability to finance basic needs – assessed by the employees to have increased by 16% on average.
We will during 2022 evaluate the total compensation model, to better understand how we better can tailor a package of salary and benefits to our employment needs.