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Impact Unicus Finland 2022

2022 was, after the pandemic, the first mostly normal year, with people coming back to offices.
After a long time, the first all employee events, such as the Summer Event & Christmas party were held.
In the summer event, the team went rowing with traditional Finnish “Church Boats”. Christmas party was held at a Norwegian Viking style restaurant Harald.
To celebrate the success of 2022, team Hoodies were ordered for everyone.

The Russian aggression in Ukraine impacted our employees.
In the beginning of the war, some consultants had hard time in focusing on normal daily routines, and some sleeping challenges.

As our consultants are getting more experience, their skillsets are improving.


During 2022 the number of consultants rose from 12 to 17.
One consultant was recruited from Kuopio and one from Lappeenranta. Remote work makes it possible to start consulting assignments from remote locations.
Unicus consultants are performing well in remote offices. Saving time & energy whilst not commuting to office and back is possible with modern technology.
Unicus walking meetings were continued. Once a quarter the manager goes to the home of the consultant to walk for an hour. Perfect way to exchange ideas and hear the latest from the customer projects, as well as getting some fresh air.

Disposable income

According to the recent survey the satisfaction with the  disposable income in the Finnish Unicus team rose from 4,9 to 8,63.
A significant increase of 3,73. Unicus salary is based on the local collective agreement.
Fair salary is one of the Unicus key principles.

Quality of life

Finns are, according to studies, the happiest people on the planet. That is shown in the Unicus social impact surveys.
All 9 different measured areas improved during 2021. The most significant increase in disposable income,  but areas developed well too.

Mental well-being

One of the development areas for 2022 was sleeping. In June an event was held, where an external sleeping consultant educated us about how to sleep better.
Recent survey indicates an improvement in the area.