Unicus Sweden – what we do and how we do it

Sara Sadarangani konsultchef Unicus

Unicus mission is to create business out of the strengths that comes with Asperger/autism. We help our customers to find resources and skills within system development and data analysis. At the same time, we create a solution to a problem in our society, all our consultants come from unemployment. 

Suitable assignment for Unicus consultants  

When we recruit consultants, we are looking for the right skills and ability and typical Asperger/autism qualities. These qualities are logical thinking, normal to high IQ, analytical, and ability to focus. They are great with details and to see patterns, disorders, and errors.

All our consultants manage at least one programming language. For us, it doesn´t matter if they learned programming at home on their own, or at university. As long as they have the knowledge and the ability and will to learn more. 

We always start with three months of training at Unicus to fill possible gaps and to get to know each other. We cooperated with some of our costumers early on in this process and customise the training for a specific assignment.  

Our assignments are around programming, automation, QA, documentation, analytics, and data science. We are doers not leaders.  

Recruiting and on-boarding – the Unicus model 

We always start a with three months period of training and preparation which is done at our office. This is for the consultant to adapt to working life and fill possible gaps. As well as for us to learn to know our consultants and ensure the quality. 

What differs Unicus to other consultant companys is that we do more preparation before we start an assignment. And for the team we have a informations meeting about Asperger/autism to get gretater understanding and avoid missunderstadnings.  We also have regluar follow ups with the consultant, Workbuddy and Team Manager.

A Workbuddy is a person in the customers organization that our consultant can turn to. After onboarding the Workbuddy have follow-ups with our consultant regularly.  

By working with Unicus you get not only a skilled and loyal team member, but you also promote diversity and inclusion!