Unicus Impact 2022! 2022 - Unicus impact growth!

150 consultants on the autism spectrum employed by 31.12.22

Unicus really makes a difference! We reached all time high in number of employees and together with our employees, customers, and other stakeholders we delivered continued sustainable social impact results.

At Unicus, we are thrilled to present our annual impact report, highlighting the remarkable achievements and progress we have made in the past year. As advocates for neurodiversity and champions of inclusion, we are proud to share our accomplishments that have led to a more inclusive world. With almost 15 years of operations under our belt, we continue to embrace the strengths and talents of individuals on the autism spectrum. Together, we strive to create a society that celebrates diversity and promotes equal opportunities for all.

When asking our consultants to self-assess a number of factors at the end of 2022, as compared to before they joined Unicus, we see some great improvements. We saw a 17 % increase in improved Quality of life, 18% increase in improved mental well-being, 1,8x increase in employability and 75% increase in disposable income!

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Impact Unicus Group

We have seen growth in all our markets and an increase in number of employees. 2022 was a year of many interesting developments and challenges that we all together have faced and handled very well.

2022 Impact Unicus Group

Impact Unicus Norway

Unicus Norway have continued on the same path as in 2021 and have shown very good development during 2022.

2022 Impact Unicus Norway

Impact Unicus Sweden

Unicus Sweden have shown very strong development during 2022! Impact results shows that Unicus employees as a collective have a significantly higher quality of life and better mental health compared with before joining Unicus Sweden. We also opened a new office in Gothenburg.

2022 Impact Unicus Sweden

Specialisterren Netherlands

Specialisterren Netherlands have shown good development during 2022 with an all time high number of consultants on the autism spectrum.


Impact Specialisterren

Unicus Impact Strategy - Theory of change

In 2022 we have continued on the same path like in 2021, when we launched an IMM (Impact Measurement and Management) initiative with a view to dig deeper in order to also look at more qualitative factors like perceived improvement in mental health/ well-being, improved quality of life etc and to do this in a more standardized and annually recurring way across all our entities in Norway, Sweden and Finland. This work is part of our daily operations in Unicus.

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Impact Management 2022 - How we act on our Impact

Impact management is one of the main reasons why we measure our Impact.

Impact management is core in our way of running our strategic and daily business.

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Impact Quotes

Maria Karlsson – H&M

”At H&M Group, we want the composition of employees to reflect society at large. Having colleagues who contribute with different perspectives not only creates a creative work environment, but also gives us better opportunities to offer products and services that meet customers' needs”

Ida Liaaen Hotvedt – Tine

”Mariell is resourceful, thorough and very competent in her area. She has great capacity, quickly turns around to help others and meets deadlines. She may not be the loudest talker at lunch, but she is honest and speaks up when necessary. I think a diverse team is a strength for us”

Cristian Deaconeasa – H&M

”Any technical company needs people like Unicus’ consultants.”

Jan Forsh – Handelsbanken

”I have become a better leader with the help of Unicus, says Jan. Then I'm also humanistic and very value-driven.”

Cristian Deaconeasa – H&M

”Unicus provides H&M with technical skills to solve real, complex issues!”