Unicus provides H&M with technical skills to solve real, complex issues

Four years ago, one of Unicus’ consultants joined H&M as part of the Technical Engineering team. We asked Cristian Deaconeasa, product owner and team manager, about his collaboration with Unicus.

– I have always had such a great experience working with Unicus, Cristian says. We really benefit from our consultant’s technical skills, and ability to go all the way when fixing problematic technical situations.

Having autism or Aspergers usually comes with a strong ability for analysis, structure, and an eye for detail. When Cristian started at H&M, he had never heard about Unicus. Soon, he discovered the many opportunities that come with the collaboration.

– One of the first things I noticed about my consultant was a keen sense of focus. Any technical questions, a solution was delivered promptly.

A match made in heaven

Every consultant from Unicus will have a WorkBuddy – one colleague whom they can ask for advice or information. The dedicated WorkBuddy will be at hand in case of questions or support during the workday.  Carl-Johan Hammar is the WorkBuddy of Cristian’s team, and he has developed a special connection to Unicus’ consultant.

– Carl-Johan is taking a lot of responsibility for communication, and it is a great pleasure to see them working together. They have such a nice, warm relationship, Cristian explains.

The small team has nine members placed in Stockholm and India. Everyone is a senior performance engineer, and the communication style is pretty straightforward. It is a tight knit team, and Cristian could not be any happier with their performance:

– This is one of the best team setups that I have worked with.

Everything starts with one

Many people that have autism or Aspergers have a hard time finding their place in the ordinary job market. Cristian has worked as a manager in several large corporations throughout Europe. We wanted his perspective on how to create a more inclusive job market:

– It is great that my predecessor managed to start this collaboration with Unicus. I am not sure that I would have been able to recognize such an opportunity myself.

Cristian shared his positive experience with his manager, which sparked other team leaders’ curiosity about Unicus. Today, Unicus has five consultants placed in different teams at H&M. After years of regulations due to the pandemic, most people are back at the office. Cristian is looking forward to meeting the other Unicus consultants’ in person:

– We need a lot of people that are able to fix real, complex, technical issues, and eventually you get solid working products in production. I believe that building quality products is the best way to reduce costs, Cristian says and takes a deep breath before continuing:

 Everything starts with one. Any technical company needs people like Unicus’ consultants.